“Earthbiotics” is an agro-based company that deals in the agriculture product segment, with the vision and mission of providing the farmers high yield fertilizers in economical price so that they can increase their yield capacity and can increase their capacity to produce more and to earn more. The company commenced its business in the year 2006 and since then it’s serving the farmers with the best quality fertilizers. The company sell their products in India and including many other countries like Argentina, Iran, Kazakistan, Afganistan, Russia, China and Europe.

“Earthbiotics” main product “Humic Fertilizer” is a single product that provides the total agricultural solution to farmers. We partner with Indian farmers for progress and prosperity. “Earthbiotics” enables agricultural self-sufficiency and economic independence by providing fertilizers that are both affordable and effective. We are committed to effective utilization of resources and innovative initiatives for the well-being of the farming community.

The success of Humic fertilizer is credited to our dynamic team that helps the company. The eminent board of directors supported by a team of executives and staff ensures that the Humic fertilizer family constantly grows towards our vision

of prosperity for the Indian farmer.

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