Humic fertilizer EARTHBIOTICS improves physical and chemical properties of protoplasm, intensifies metabolism, gives a strong effect on membrane permeability of cells and redox-processes inside plant cells as a result of influence on enzyme- substrate reactions of the respiratory cycle.  It leads to a change in the course of all the physiological and biochemical processes of plants:     photosynthesis,     respiration, carbohydrate and protein metabolism, the intensity of mineral nutrition,   morphogenesis, and the speed rate of phenological phases.   Yield and quality of products are significantly higher.  The most pronounced effect takes place in stress situations (pesticide treatments,  drought,  diseases,  transplanting,       etc.).       Besides,       the       advantage       of EARTHBIOTICS    application    consists of attractive profitability and significant savings of a company’s budget, as follows:

  1. a) 20-30% lower  rate  of  protectant  application,  due  to  the  fact  that  EARTHBIOTICS

has properties of a biofungicide;

  1. b) increase in seeds sprouting capacity and boost of cereals tillering, 8-10% lower rate of seeding;
  2. c) 10-20% lower rate of PPP application;
  3. d) actual increase in yield of various crops from by 10-30% (cereals) to 40-50% and higher

(cotton plant, vegetables, cucurbits).


EARTHBIOTICS application allows to:

traise seedling and seeds survival rate during planting; 

boost development of the root system of plants and their respiration rate; 

protect plants from bacterial and fungus diseases; 

stimulate   plant   sustainability   to   unfavorable   environment   effects   (drought,   frost, surplus wetting etc.); 

accelerate the maturation of the harvest up to 10-12 days;

increase harvested crops keeping capacity for storage;

revive  microbiological  activity  of  soil:  to  significantly  stimulate  activities  of  various groups of microorganisms that mobilize nutrient substances of soils; 

to restore and boost soils fertility; 

In addition:

it enables application of flexible adaptive solutions for each of the following: intensive

of   extensive   cultivation   technology   without   significant   changes   in   technological


raises  water-retention  ability  of  soils,  to  maintain  their  properties  during intensified

irrigation, including with the application of high doses of mineral fertilizers; 

takes down acids and salts contents of soil; 

binds  heavy  metalsradionuclides  and  pesticide  residue  in  soil  and  to  form  slowsoluble   in   soil   solution   complexes   which   restrains   their   access   to   plants   and accumulation in the tissue. 


EARTHBIOTICS can be used in various irrigation systems (drip, sprinkling irrigation etc.)   for   cultivated   crops   treatment   with   the   use   of   aviation   and   modern   sprinklers the  same   tank   solution   as   herbicides,   fungicides,   insecticides   and   solvable   mineral fertilizers,   since   this   preparation   is   comp15letely   compatible   with   the   above,   and   its


application  does  not impose  additional expenses.  This product  is  also perfect  for “organic agriculture”

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