EffectofEARTHBIOTICSon seeds

Fungicidal  treatment  of  seeds   is  the   most   essential  agricultural  practice   for increase in yield of cultivated crops. And  EARTHBIOTICSfertilizer fits to this purpose like no  other.  Acting  as  a  biofungicideand  sticking  agentEARTHBIOTICS  boosts  effect of protectant and relieves the stress the latter imposes on sprouts. When a treated seed gets into  soil,  the  mechanism  of  seed  kernel  enzymes  activation  starts  working.  Thanks  to treatment     with     EARTHBIOTICS     seeds     resistance     to     diseases     and     damages increases. Sprouting, germinating energy goes up, growth and development of sprouts are stimulated.   Presence     of     macro-     and     microelements     and     beneficial     microflora significantly   increases  physiologicalprocesses   of   plants.   A   powerful   root   system   is formed  with  a  lot  of  root fibrillas in an active root area. EARTHBIOTICS boosts root cells membrane permeability. As a    result,    nutrients    and    microelements    penetration    from soil    to    plants    is   improved. Synthesis of amino acids, sugars, vitamins and organic acids in the root system is activated, as well as substances exchange between root and soil. At the same time, root rots, septoria spots,  fusarium  mold,  powdery  mildew,  dark  mildew,  dark ability are significantly increased. EARTHBIOTICS, being absorbed via roots gets to all the parts of sprouts; it activates synthesis of special anti-stress proteins in ribosomes of cells.

Therefore,  it  can  be  said that  using  EARTHBIOTICS for seed treatment  will lead to the  fact   that   autumn-sown   crops   are   better   adjusted   for   weather   changes   due   to maximum switch-on of all growth mechanisms, increase in microbes quantity and biological activity of soil in  the  root areas,  intensified nitrogen-fixing,  and optimal mineral nutrients. Whereas, (as to wheat) tillering coefficient is significantly higher, as well as the number of stems,  also number   of   grains   per   head   and   average   weight   of   grain   are   increased, which  means  an increase in yield.

Recommended scheme of preparing the solution for seed treatment:

0.4-0.5l   EARTHBIOTICS+   protectant   shall   be   dissolved   in   10l   of   water.

Solution consumption = 10l per 1 ton of seeds.


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