The aim of the company is to obtain a premium share in the organic fertilizers markets within suitable prices
and high quality for the national consumption and export.
Also, the aim of the company is to achieve added value to support the Indian economy by satisfying the
need of the local market to organic fertilizers to be used in agriculture and lands reclamation in the present
and the future and to export the surplus fertilizers to save new sources of the foreign currency within a setting
up the project of the integrated complex for manufacturing fertilizers according to the worldwide specifications
in cooperation with investment companies, foreign companies of financial strategic abilities to financing and
marketing as well as advanced worldwide technological possibilities in addition to the worldwide interest in
the human element as one of the most important natural resources and within the growth of the rules and
regulations regulating the protection of the national and international environment. EARTHBIOTICS is
interested in protecting the human and the environment. In order to achieve this aim, the company behaves
like the worldwide and characterized institutions in setting up the rules of the safe work that aim primarily to
protect employees and workers from the hazards of the profession as well as preventing the sources of
injuries of all kinds and then protecting the environment from all kinds of pollutants and moving toward the
development of the surrounding environment in an amazing manner that attracts attention of all observers
to the activity of the company.
Our vision is to lead the way in improving the productivity of farmland and the nutritional value of food
produced, through operations in India and internationally, while not only preserving but enhancing the
environment. By 2021 Earthbiotics will be known as a leader in the agricultural industry and as a
company that has played a large role in revolutionizing the industry, by promoting and providing biological
farming practices, developing new science and innovations. Earthbiotics will be viewed as an employer of
choice and recognized as a company that provides exceptional service.

The Mission

Our mission is to provide farmers with a comprehensive service through detailed analysis of soil and
crops, custom solutions and precision application by embracing science, innovation and technology.
Earthbiotics will assist them to improve the sustainability and profitability of their land while increasing
the nutritional value of the food they are producing. We view ourselves as partners with our
customers, our employees, our community and our environment.
Earthbiotics is keen to carry out, manage and develop plans of operation, marketing, safety and the human
resources as well as apply the latest technology within the highest level of quality and performance using all
the available resources and possibilities
‘Improving agriculture from the soil to harvest’
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